2018 iPad Pro review roundup: great hardware, same limitations

There's no denying this year's iPad Pro models are fast. The early reviews suggest this might not be enough.

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, Apple will release the 2018 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, which were first announced last week. Beforehand, the first official reviews have been published. Here’s what some of the biggest tech sites are saying:

Wired, which gave the iPad Pro an 8/10, called the new devices “gorgeous” with their “incredibly useful iPhone X-like design.” They were less impressed with the all-new smart connector and weren’t happy to see the removal of a headphone jack. 

Regardless, it explained: “The iPad Pro is one of the most powerful computers you can own. It could be the best PC, too. Or better than a Mac. For now, it still has to settle for being best tablet money can buy.”

Over at Mashable, the focus is on the “spectacular” display and “insane” performance the tablets provide. Negatives include the removal of the headphone jack and rear cameras “worse than previous gen.”

Bottom line: “Apple’s iPad Pros (2018) are such powerful mobile computers, you’ll need to change the way you work to truly get the most out of them. But the thing is, you’ll want to.” (4.5/5)

The Verge took an interesting approach in its review. It said all the right things about the tablet and then ended on this note: “But you know what? It’s still an iPad.” In other words, despite being the “fastest” iPad to date, it’s still not a PC or Mac despite its ever-expanding price tag. 

Finally, Pocket-lint also points out the devices’ superior hardware. Unfortunately, they can’t get past the limitations of iOS 12. 

It explains, “In terms of performance the only real difference now between the iPad Pro 12.9 and a MacBook or MacBook Air feels like the difference in operating system environment and the thing really holding the iPad back from being a full MacBook replacement are some of the shortcomings in iOS 12.”

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