Top iPhones of all time from 2007 through the present

Here are the 10 top iPhones of all time from 2007 through 2018. Did yours make the list?

The first iPhone was introduced in 2007. Through November 2018, there have been 21 Apple handsets released. While there are no terrible iPhones, there are those that are better than the others for various reasons. Here are my favorite 10. 

Top iPhones

10) iPhone SE (2016-18)

top iphones
iPhone SE (Apple)

Perhaps it’s nostalgia that puts Apple’s final 4-inch handset on this list. By the time this handset arrived, I was so over the form factor, but that’s okay since the phone wasn’t marketed to someone like myself.

The iPhone SE was the last of the palm-friendly devices that appealed to folks who wanted a budget-friendly, reliable iPhone to make a call or check Facebook, and in many cases, that’s it. 

During most of 2018, it looked like Apple was thinking about launching another 4-inch iPhone. It wasn’t meant to be. 

9) iPhone 6/6 Plus (2014-16)

Firsts are important on my list. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were the first Apple handsets to measure 4.7- and 5.5-inches, respectively and that’s a big deal. Without these two handsets, we wouldn’t have seen the 5.8-inch iPhone X or the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max arrive in 2017 and 2018, respectively. 

8) iPhone 7/7 Plus (2016 – present)

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (Apple)

Many will remember these two models negatively as the first Apple handsets to remove the headphone jack. This was a positive decision, in my humble opinion, since it showed that Apple could still take risks with its most popular product line. The handsets were also the first (and last) available in jet black (a model retired this September). 

7) iPhone XS (2018 – present)

The iPhone XS probably isn’t going to be remembered that long once it’s gone. The reason: it isn’t a first like its predecessor, the iPhone X, nor as large, like its big brother, the iPhone XS Max. 

Nonetheless, the iPhone XS is a workhorse handset that will probably be around for at least two cycles. which makes it a winner. 

6) iPhone XS Max (2018-present)

top iphones
iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS (CNET)

To date, there’s nothing bigger than the iPhone XS Max in terms of Apple handsets. Measurings 6.5-inches, this is a beast. Throw in the edge-to-edge display, and this handset is gorgeous. 

5) iPhone X (2017-18)

No. 5 on my list is an iPhone that was only on the market for 10 months. Let that sink in for a moment. The iPhone X was launched in November 2017 only to get its pink slip in September 2018. Despite this, the iPhone X will always be remembered for being the first iPhone with an OLED display, the first with a vertical camera system, and much more. 

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and yes, iPhone XR. thank you, iPhone X. 

4) iPhone XR (2018 – present)

top iphones
iPhone XR (Apple)

The newest iPhone on my list comes in at No. 4 because of its lofty goals. Less expensive and more colorful than its siblings, the iPhone XR is the Apple handset that’s supposed to convince people to upgrade from earlier handsets. Stay tuned. 

3) iPhone 4 (2010-13)

The iPhone 4 wasn’t a perfect iPhone. In fact, it was the first Apple handset to suffer from a so-called “gate.” In this case, Antennagate. Once free Bumper cases resolved this issue, the iPhone 4 became one of the most popular iPhones in the history of the product. Plus, its design was duplicated numerous times with much success. 

2) iPhone (original) (2007-08)

The first iPhone commercial

The original iPhone started it all and arguably created what would become the smartphone revolution. Without iPhone, there wouldn’t have been an iPad or Apple Watch. Android also would probably have never seen the light of day.

1) iPhone 5 (2012-16)

The No. 1 iPhone 5 was the iPhone 4 without the antenna problems and rumor has it, the last iPhone developed by Steve Jobs. When one thinks of an “iconic” Apple product, the iPhone 5 is right up there with the first iPhone.

What are your favorite iPhone models? Don’t be shy. Leave your comment below. 

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